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Unleashing green space data in the name of Science



Published by Erik Swan on

Starting today we, together with our partner Overstory, launch a new program to provide the global research community with the unique urban green space data set developed for HUGSI.

Over the years many researchers have been in contact with us to gain access to our data. With this initiative we hope to provide an efficient and comprehensive solution for supporting the research community in the best possible way. “We are happy and eager to share and support new research initiatives that help us telling the story about the value of green space and how urban green space contribute to the living conditions for humans, animals and all other living things in urban environments.” says Erik Swan, product owner for HUGSI at Husqvarna Group.

Access to consistent, objective and timely urban green space data that can be used to track development and compare cities globally has not been available at this scale before. With HUGSI for research we are providing data for all cities part of the HUGSI-index.

Pick your 3 cities

Any named researcher part of a recognized academic- or other non-profit research organization are eligible to apply for our full data from any three (3) cities covered by HUGSI.

What researchers will gain access to is information about land use (grey area, water, vegetation trees / grass), health and vitality of the vegetation and the distribution of vegetation over the city compiled for two consecutive years, right now 2019 vs. 2018.

  • City level Green KPI scoring

  • Hexagon level analytics (width 250m)

  • Pixel level green data (width 10m)

  • Data dictionary, to understand how to user and interpret the data

  • The HUGSI Methodology Whitepaper, to understand how the data was collected and the KPI’s calculated

“We are proud to support the research community with this unique global information. We hope that this initiative will spark an even greater amount of research on green space in urban environments.“ says Indra den Bakker, CEO & Co-founder of Overstory.

Applications for data sharing starts today May 27, 2021, and the first data packages will be made available in the end of June. To apply for your three cities, go to: