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Challenging cities in the Netherlands to greenify

Published by Erik Swan on

Urban green space is essential to cope with climate change, restore biodiversity and promote the health of citizens. That is why we challenge all municipalities in the Netherlands to participate in the Green City Challenge 2021.

In a new partnership we, Husqvarna Group, Sweco and NL Greenlabel join forces to provide cities in the Netherlands with the means to succeed in an effort of greening the urban areas.

Everyone wants to be greener, but the question is how? We believe it starts with insight. Which neighborhood is the greenest? How much greenery does each resident have at their disposal? And what exactly is it lacking in planting? The Green City Challenge investigates this and provides in-depth insight into those results and the greening potential per district.

The Green City Challenge shows where things are going well and where there is still room for improvement. From gray to green.

To add to the Green KPI’s of HUGSI we can now also, through analysis from Sweco, define the green potential of each city. Where and how many roofs can be greened in my municipality? Where is room for trees? In which district is the most pointless pavement located? Where can I make parking spaces greener? Based on these insights, substantiated policy choices and ambitions can be made.

“By 2030, Breda wants to be the first city in a park in Europe. To realize this ambition, we work together with all parties and residents who can contribute to this. The Green City Challenge 2021 offers us the opportunity to visualize all the greenery in Breda in order to work on a greener and healthier city for all residents ". Alderman P. de Beer Municipality of Breda

Municipalities can sign up to accept the challenge up until July 16. Results will be shared for all cities here at the HUGSI-platform from the Award ceremony in September.

Join us in the green movement!

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